FP Blue Fins - Mock Meet and 1st Meet Registration Deadlines - TEAM POTLUCK Sign up

    Hello Blue Fins,

    Well even with a small delay due to thunder, we finally got in the pool.  I was quite jealous when hearing of how wonderful the sights, sounds and smells of the swim team were indicating summer is hear. 

    So a few things:

    • Registration for Mock meet on Friday is due tomorrow (Wednesday) at 6:00pm
    • Registration for the 1st Meet on Saturday against Ben Franklin is also due tomorrow (Wednesday) at 6:00pm. 
      • If you are a new swimmer, please check with your Coach for swimming anything outside of Freestyle and/or Backstroke. 
    • YES, those are two different meets and you need to register for both.  Also, you can tell us if you can't make it.... that would be great as well.  That is a option on the meet registration.   A very good habit to get into.
    • Questions you may have:
      • We normally try to get in a new parent night for question and answers that first week. 
      • Please reach out to Stacy and Shanna for questions.  The Coaching Staff can point them out if needed, otherwise please try to avoid asking the coaches about the season as this is a critical time for them to get as much instruction and to know the swimmers as quickly as possible.  One of them is usually there throughout the practices starting at 11-12 through 6 and Unders. You can also feel free to email me and I will get back with you as soon as I can. T
    • Water World and Pirate's Cove -  
      • Water World Tickets are for sale.  See Ross Redfearn tomorrow (Wed) and Elisa Beardall at the pool the rest of the week. $25.99 each.
      • Pirate's Cove - don't forget Pirate's Cove night - June 24th,  $10 per entry... INVITE all your family and friends.
    • Team Feed (potluck) - Please us this link to sign up for a dish for this Friday night. https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C094AA9AA2EA4FB6-team  

    Well, more to come tomorrow.


    FP Blue Fins

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