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Team Handbook

Blue Fins TeamWelcome to the Forest Park Swim Team, located in Centennial, Colorado. The team is organized by parent volunteers and subsidized by the Forest Park Homeowners Recreation Association. The team's only paid staff are the coaches. Team fees cover coach salaries, administrative costs, league fees, insurance and awards. From time to time the team must purchase equipment. Our only fundraiser is the concession stand at home meets.

Awards Banquet

The Swim Team will have an awards banquet at the end of the season to celebrate our season and our swimmers. Awards will be given out to each age group and each gender for: Most Valuable, Most Improved and Most Dedicated. There will be trophies and records to present also. Look in the calendar for the date, time and location. There will be dessert and award presentations.


Each swimmer will have a folder at the pool in a file box. The swimmers are reminded to check these folders frequently. Communication from the coaches will be placed in these folders, as well as ribbons from dual meets.

The team has a website which should be checked if the weather is bad. Any cancellations of practice or meets will be announced on the website. The website is Check the bulletin board at the pool for other items as well. Last minute information may be posted, as well as sign-ups for concession stand donations, social events and meet information. News and announcements will be communicated via email and on the website. Please make sure that you register with your most current e-mail address.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact the Parent Rep, coaches or any parent who has been involved with the team for at least a year.

Dual Meets

There are five (5) swim meets scheduled during our regular season. Each week, on Saturday morning, we will compete against a different team from our division. This year we will have two home meets and three away meets. Each meet consists of 90 events. Every swimmer is allowed to swim in three (3) individual events and Two (2) relays in his/her age group. The age group in which your child will swim is defined by their age at 12:01 am on June 1st. In order to participate in a meet a swimmer must be on the roster and have an insurance waiver on file with the league.

It is assumed that if you have a swimmer on the team, they will swim in each meet. If they are unable to swim in a meet, please let the coaches know in writing. If your swimmer is able to attend only part of a meet, it is important that you let the coaches know what time you are leaving or arriving. The coaches will do their best to accommodate your schedule. The coaches will instruct swimmers how to do this by Wednesday of each week so that they can heat the upcoming meet. To "heat" a meet means to determine which swimmers will swim in which individual events and relays

The coaches make every effort to heat a meet based on which events the swimmers want to swim, and the events the coaches believe they will do well in. "Heat Sheets" are posted at the meet in the general area used by our team (usually on the brick wall at home). Check these sheets to see what events your child is swimming. The coaches spend a great amount of time "heating" swimmers. Please be aware of the burden it puts on the coaches and officials to make last minute changes. Also, a change in your schedule can affect many swimmers. Please be respectful and considerate of how a change may also affect swimmers on a relay team.

Insurance Note

Due to Forest Park Homeowners Recreation Association insurance and liability issues, siblings and family members of swim team participants are Not Permitted to swim or use the pool facilities during swim team practice time. The pool does not have lifeguards on duty during swim team practices. Our swimmers are covered during practice time by Rocky Mountain Swim League insurance. Again, this does not cover siblings or family members.

If you have a question or concern that you need to speak to a coach about, please do not present it to the coach during practice time. They will be happy to talk with you before or after practice. The time slated for practice is short and the coaches need to give their full attention to the swimmers.

Additionally, all swimmers and families must leave the pool area when their swim practice is over. Coaches cannot be responsible for swimmers before or after their appointed practice time. Also, due to insurance and liability issues, the coaches will not be able to drive swimmers to any swim team function.

Items to Bring to Swim Meet

Swimmers should bring extra towels, sweats, chair, sleeping bag and a tarp (for wet ground) since it is cool in the mornings, especially after warm-ups. It is important that all swimmers have warm clothes to put on after warm-up and early events to keep muscles warm. Warm muscles reduce injuries! It is also best if swimmers wear shoes between races, again to prevent injuries. Umbrellas or shade tents also make the meet more comfortable. Games or other activities for your child to play with during the meet are encouraged. While there are concession stands for food, many families like to pack small coolers with energy snacks. The coaches will be advising the swimmers about proper nutrition during practices. Label all personal items with swimmers' name.


A team photo and an individual and sibling photos will be taken by a professional during a morning this summer. Watch the calendar for the date to be determined.


Practices are essential to a swimmer's success. Without regular practice, there would be little improvement in personal best times and no preparation for competition in meets. Swimmers are expected to attend a minimum of three practices per week, however, it is understood that there will be days when this is not possible due to day camps, vacations, etc. Please inform the coaches when a swimmer will be missing since decisions regarding the meets are partly based on practice attendance. Swimmers will be rewarded for consistent attendance.

Sorry, no dogs are allowed inside the fenced area of our pool. They are welcome outside the fence or at Arapaho Park.

Prelims and Finals

At the end of the dual meet season, there is a post season. These meets are set up similar to the Olympics in that there are Prelim meets held for the age groups before the Finals meet to determine who will swim in the Finals meet. The prelim meets are broken down into 4 age groups which will swim on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during the week prior to the Finals meet. As in the regular meets, each swimmer is allowed to compete in three (3) individual events. At the Prelim meet, all of the teams in the RMSL league compete against each other and the top 16 will move on to Finals.

Due to other commitments or personal reasons, not all swimmers attend Prelims. If a swimmer will not be able to swim in Finals, please do not sign them up for Prelims. Otherwise a spot for Finals may go empty, eliminating another swimmer.

Social, Fun, and Fundraisers

We plan a trip to Water World in June for the older kids and their parent or chaperone. Watch the calendar for more information and the bulletin board at the pool for sign ups.

Stroke Clinics

Stroke clinics will be held on Wednesday evenings for a small fee. Sign up at the bulletin board by the pool and indicate which stroke your swimmer would like instruction on. Several coaches will teach swimmers the strokes. Watch the calendar for more info. Coaches are usually available at other times to give private lessons, too. Stroke clinics cost $5.00 per swimmer.

Volunteering at Meets

Volunteering at MeetsSwim meets are run solely by volunteer help. You will have signed up to volunteer when you registered online in April. When we have everyone's help our meets run efficiently and smoothly. They may also end earlier in the day, too! It takes approximately 60 adults to run a home meet. You are responsible to fill one shift for each meet your child swims in. If you are unable to fill your assigned position please arrange a trade with another family. All schedule changes and trades need to be arranged and communicated to the volunteer coordinator prior to the day of the meet. If a parent does not fulfill his/her volunteer commitment, your child may not be allowed to swim. We haven't had to implement a fee system for not volunteering, so help us keep it that way by doing your part for the team.

Warm-Up Schedule for Meets

Swimmers will warm up for Home meets at 6:45 am and at Away meets at 7:15 am. Meets begin at 8:00 am. This means in the water at this time with arrival at the pool 15 minutes prior to our warm up time. It is important to have your swimmer participate in warm-ups. Not only does it "get their blood flowing" it also allows the coaches to identify who is not at the meet.

Weather Policy

Practice and meets will be held if the air temperature is 60 degrees or above and it is not thundering, windy or lightening. If in doubt, please check the website for a posted notice. Lastly, it is your decision as a parent to decide whether or not your child should swim - if you feel that your child should not swim in the current weather condition it is your option not to send your swimmer to practice. In general, plan on no cancellations unless lightning or extreme cold, like snow.


Make Forest Park Blue Fins a bookmark on your internet browser and refer to it often. We will keep it updated and current.


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